Nomination Guidelines for the Jan Anderson Lecture Award of ISPR

Members of ISPR are invited to nominate colleagues for the society's inaugural 2018 Jan Anderson Lecture Award: a travelling fellowship

Nomination deadline: 15 Dec 2017 (with outcome announced February 2018)

Nominees should be early to mid-career scientists who have made outstanding personal contributions to structural aspects of photosynthesis research ( in the broadest sense) within 20 years of receipt of a doctoral degree.  Contributions ranging from molecular to ecosystem levels of the discipline will be considered.  Self-nomination is not acceptable.  

Nominations must be accompanied by: 

1) A full c.v with three key publications highlighted and linked.

2) A list of email addresses of three referees (other than the nominator) familiar with the nominee's research who have been requested to forward a reference to the Secretary ISPR.

3) A one-page abstract of the research likely to be presented at international meetings in the 12 months from the award.  The abstract should outline the nominee's research in terms that are familiar to graduate students in photosynthesis research and to a general audience of plant biologists.

4) A notional itinerary of at least 3 desirable venues likely to be receptive to plenary presentation of the above research.  A short (but not exclusive) list of relevant forthcoming meetings will be available on the ISPR website.  Nominees are free to select and negotiate the venues but are expected to include ISPR-sponsored conferences that bring together scientists in both hemispheres, including the International Photosynthesis Congress or regional photosynthesis conferences in intervening years.

5) Nominees should be proficient in enthusiastic, spoken communication of their research.  In addition they may wish to take the initiative, in consultation with colleagues, to arrange for brief research visits associated with or arising from the Anderson Lecture presentation, especially if it involves access to facilities not available in their home institutions. 

It is envisaged that the 2018 Jan Anderson Lecture Award will be accompanied by a grant of $US 5,000.  

Nominations should be sent to:

Professor Julian Eaton-Rye

Secretary ISPR

Department of Biochemistry

University of Otago

710 Cumberland Street

PO Box 56

Dunedin 9054, New Zealand 

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