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Membership in ISPR promotes the well-being of the international photosynthesis community. Your membership of a well-subscribed and active international society increases the visibility and viability of photosynthesis as a discipline. It enhances the contribution of photosynthetic research in life sciences, agriculture and forestry as well as in environmental and Earth sciences.

Membership of ISPR provides the broadest possible access to an international circle of your colleagues in photosynthesis research, their research findings and instructional resources. Your membership fees enable ISPR to provide modest grants to meeting organizers in support of students and postdocs, and to recognize achievements in research at each International Congress on Photosysnthesis (ISPR Awards).

Membership benefits

ISPR members receive free on-line access to the Society's official journal Photosynthesis Research published by Springer, through a link maintained by the ISPR business office. In addition, Springer will also offer member discounted rates for paper copy of the journal, and on books in the series Advances in Photosynthesis and Respiration, on orders placed directly with the publisher as indicated under "Member discounts" on the ISPR business office page. Other discount offers on books and instructional materials will be posted from time to time.

All membership enquiries, dues and access to discounts are managed by the ISPR business office. If you attended PS 2004 in Montréal, or paid membership in advance, you are financial through 2005. A membership renewal drive under these new arrangements will commence in December 2005.

In 2006 and 2007, Regular Membership (in employment) fee for 2006 and 2007 will be $US 50. Special Membership (emeritus and retired colleagues, enrolled students and residents of soft currency nations listed by the ISPR business office) will be available at $US 30.

ISPR Membership 2008-10

Membership subscriptions (2004-7) enabled ISPR to provide $29,000 support for graduate and postdoc students to attend PS07 Glasgow, a PSII conference in Russia Gordon Conferences on photosynthesis in the US, UK and France, and three regional photosynthesis meetings in the US.

Renewal of your membership for 2008 and beyond will permit ISPR to continue this support until the next international congress. Two membership options are now available

  • 3-year memberships (includes discounted registration PS2010)
    Regular members (in employment) $US200
    Emeritus, retired, soft currency states and enrolled graduate students $100
  • Annual memberships
    Regular members (in employment) $US80
    Emeritus, retired, soft currency states and enrolled graduate students $40

Membership Directory (only available to ISPR members)

The ISPR business office maintains the searchable membership directory, but depends on you to update the information on your profile, including e-mail addresses and optional links to personal homepages.







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