Post Doc positions Laboratory of Photosynthesis and Bioenergy, University of Verona, Italy

30 Sep 2018 9:24 PM | Julian Eaton-Rye (Administrator)
Post-doc 1:  Biophysics and physiology of photosynthesis and respiration.

Post-doc 2: Molecular biology of unicellular algae.

Positions are for one year, renewable up to three years based on mutal satisfaction

Candidates should send their CV to:

Laboratory of Photosynthesis and Bioenergy

Department of Biotechnology, University of Verona, Italy.

The successful candidate will join the laboratory of Photosynthesis and Bioenergy and collaborate, in a team with Prof. Roberto Bassi and Prof. Luca Dall’Osto to research in photosynthesis including:

-Engineering plants and green algae for Enhanced Photosynthetic efficiency.

-Production of biofuels from unicellular algae.

- Control of Light use efficiency in higher Plants and Green algae.

- Non-Photochemical quenching of Chlorophyll fluorescence.

- Mechanisms of abiotic stress resistance.

- Carotenoid and apocarotenoid biogenesis and function.

- Interaction between photoreception and photosynthesis.

A short list of recent publications from the lab is listed below as an example of the research field presently explored by the research team.

A more comprehensive list of publication from the lab can is found at the following Link:

Pinnola, A, M Ballottari, I Bargigia, M Alcocer, C D’andrea, G Cerullo, R. Bassi (2018) Functional modulation of LHCSR1 protein from Physcomitrella patens by zeaxanthin binding and low pH  Scientific Reports 7 (1), 11158

Dall'Osto, L, S Cazzaniga, M Bressan, D Paleček, K Židek, KK Niyogi, R.Bassi (2018) Two mechanisms for dissipation of excess light in monomeric and trimeric light-harvesting complexes Nature plants 3 (5), 17033

Betterle, N RS Poudyal, A Rosa, G Wu, R Bassi, CH Lee (2017) The STN 8 kinase‐PBCP phosphatase system is responsible for high‐light‐induced reversible phosphorylation of the PSII inner antenna subunit CP 29 in rice The Plant Journal 89 (4), 681-691

Bressan, M, L Dall'Osto, I Bargigia, MJP Alcocer, D Viola, G Cerullo, R.Bassi (2017) LHCII can substitute for LHCI as an antenna for photosystem I but with reduced light-harvesting capacity Nature Plants 2 (9), 16131

Kondo, T., A. Pinnola, John Ogren, R. Bassi and G. Schlau-Cohen (2017) Single-molecule spectroscopy of LHCSR1 protein dynamics identies two distinct states responsible for multi-timescale photosynthetic photoprotection. Nature Chemistry 9 (8), 772-778.

Pinnola A, Cazzaniga S, Alboresi A, Nevo R, Levin-Zaidman S, Reich Z, Bassi R. (2015) Light-Harvesting Complex Stress-Related Proteins Catalyze Excess Energy Dissipation in Both Photosystems of Physcomitrella patens.The Plant Cell, (11):3213-27

Cazzaniga, L S.. Dall’Osto*, L. Scibilia, J. Szaub, M. Ballottari, S. Purton and R. Bassi (2014) Domestication of the green alga Chlorella sorokiniana: reduction of antenna size improves light-use efficiency in a photobioreactor. Biotechnology for Biofuels 7(1):157-167

Berger, H., Blifernez-Klassen, O., M. Ballottari, R. Bassi, Lutz Wobbe and Olaf Kruse (2014) Orchestration of carbon assimilation and photosynthetic light capture in the photoheterotrophic green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii . Molecular Plant, 7(10):1545-59.

Pinnola A, Dall'Osto L, Gerotto C, Morosinotto T, Bassi R, Alboresi A. (2013) Zeaxanthin Binds to Light-Harvesting Complex Stress-Related Protein to Enhance Non-Photochemical Quenching in Physcomitrella patens. The Plant Cell. 25(9): 3519-33.

Dall’Osto, L., Piques, M.,  Ronzani, M.,  Alboresi, A., Cazzaniga S. and Bassi R. (2013) The Arabidopsis nox mutant lacking carotene hydroxylase activity reveals a critical role of xanthophylls for Photosystem I biogenesis. The Plant Cell, 25(2):591-608.


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