Gordon Research Conference on Renewable Energy and Solar Fuels- 2018

January 28- February 2, Ventura Beach Marriott, CA, United States

The Gordon Research Conference invites graduate students and post-docs to present their research both in the form of oral and poster presentations.  The meeting presents a unique forum for graduate students, post-doctoral scholars and other scientific researchers to contribute and share new ideas in the dynamic field of renewable energy research. 

The topics of this meeting will discuss the variety of challenges in solar energy production and storage. This meeting will thereby focus on materials design: from fundamentals to applications. This includes research pertaining to catalysis, materials development, molecular devices and integrated systems. 

The conference will also feature a career development forum to encourage connections across academia, industry and government. Attendees will be encouraged to engage invited senior scientists in discussions about career paths and potential collaborations for the future.  

For full details, please see the website

3rd Molecules and Materials for Artificial Photosynthesis Conference -2018

March 02-05, 2018, Cancun, Mexico

Significant progress has been made recently in artificial photosynthesis based on molecular chemistry and material science.  However, developments in these two areas have occurred more independently than what is perhaps desired. This meeting will bring together researchers in these two scientific communities to explore possible synergistic effects of “fusion” between molecular and materials systems.  In addition, there will be $800 student grants available. 

For full details, please see the website. 

5th International Workshop on Solar Energy for Sustainability- Bioenergetics: Oxygen Production and Reduction. In Honour of Professor Bertil Andersson- 2018

March 20-22, 2018, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore 

The focus will be on molecular mechanisms which underpin this energy cycle; the photosynthetic reaction responsible for splitting of water to produce oxygen and its reduction by respiration to release energy in the form of ATP. 

For full details, please see the website. 

The first European Congress on Photosynthesis Research ePS-1- 2018

June 25-28, 2018, Uppsala Sweden

This conference series is intended to run every four years, two years after the International Congress on Photosynthesis Research. ePS-1 will cover all aspects of photosynthesis, from genetics and molecular mechanisms, to crop yields, artificial photosynthesis and solar fuels. In addition, the ePS-Young meeting for PhD students and postdocs will be run the weekend before the main meeting.  Detailed conference information will be posted in the next few months.  

For full details, please see the website.

Photosynthesis from Light to Life: An ISPR Meeting in Conjunction with Plant Biology 2018 

July 14-20, 2018, Montreal, Canada

The ISPR specific component will be from July 17 to July 20. The meeting will be held in conjunction with ASPB. Abstract deadline and registration details are available from the conference website.  

16th International Symposium on Phototropic Prokaryotes- 2018

August 5-9, 2018, Vancouver, Canada

The international Symposium on Phototropic Prokaryotes (ISPP) is an international scientific conference that occurs every third year. The first symposium was in 1973 in Freiburg, Germany. 

For full details, please see the website.

ISPR Conference on Microbial Photosynthesis

August 9-12, 2018,Vancouver, Canada

We are happy to welcome you to Vancouver in the summer of 2018 for a 3-day ISPR-sponsored conference focusing on single-celled phototrophs and photosynthetic mechanisms. Topics will include mechanisms and regulation of fundamental processes (e.g. light harvesting, photosynthetic electron transport, carbon fixation), ecology and ecophysiology of phototrophic organisms in marine and extreme environments, evolution of photosynthetic mechanisms and (endo)symbiotic relationships, as well as new discoveries of organisms and processes. 

The symposium will follow immediately after the ISPP (International Symposium on Phototrophic Prokaryotes), allowing attendees of that conference to stay for a few more days to discuss photosynthetic processes in their favourite organisms, but will encompass microbial eukaryotic phototrophs. We expect this unique combination to drive some very interesting discussions! More details can be found on our website.

Graduate &/or Post-Docs interested in participating in the organization of the conference should send a 1-page CV and brief email describing their motivation to participate to Kevin.Redding@asu.edu by January 31. 

If you would like to post an announcement of your meeting, please send the text you would like us to use and the URL link to this address: secretary@photosynthesis-research.org

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